Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has launched a new social media app called Threads on July 5th 2023 which is linked to Instagram but focuses on sharing short snippets of text.

Users can log into Threads using their Instagram account and choose to follow the same people or select a new set of followers.

Threads is a text-based conversation app, so you can't share only photos or videos. However, you can share text updates, photos from your phone's camera roll, and your location.

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You can also see who has seen your updates and who has replied to them.

You can keep your IG username and users will be able to click on the IG icon to be a lead to your IG profile from your Threads profile.

In Threads, you can share your thoughts as well as reply to the "Threads" of others.

Threads Features

Private account: Threads is only visible to the people you choose to follow.

Quick communication: Threads is a great way to share quick updates with your followers.

Sharing Media: You can share photos and videos in Threads.

Replies: You can reply to a thread or comment and have conversations with others.

Likes: You can like a thread or comments below threads.

Share: You can share threads with other apps specially in Instagram directly.

Facts about Threads app

  1. Did you know Threads was launched as a companion app to Instagram on 2019 and discontinued in December 2021? In fact Threads is relaunched as an app now.
  2. Threads get 30+ million users just less than 24 hours.
  3. Threads reached 100 million signups in five days.
  4. Threads hasn't launched in the EU countries yet due to ongoing privacy concerns.

100 million people signed up for Threads in five days. I'm not sure I can wrap my mind around that face. It's insane; I can't make sense of it.

Mossari, Head of Instagram

Threads VS Twitter


  • Embraces concise snippets of text and short videos.
  • Focuses on fostering a productive and positive environment.
  • Integrated with Instagram, making It easy to find friends and share to Instagram stories.
  • No limit to how many posts you can read (Unlike Twitter).


  • Allows for longer tweets and a wide range of media formats.
  • Known for its real-time news updates and trending topics.
  • Offers features like hashtags, advanced search, and trending algorithms.
  • Has a dedicated messaging system for private conversations.

How to get started

To get started with Meta Threads, you'll need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you've downloaded the app, you can create an account and add your close friends. You can then start sharing text updates, photos, and your location with your friends.

Deleting your Threads account will also delete your Instagram account!

If you may not like Threads, please think carefully before registering. Because once you create an account on Threads with your Instagram account, you can no longer delete it. If you delete your account on Threads, your Instagram account will also be deleted, but you can deactivate your Threads account to hide your Threads profile and posts.

In sum up, I agree with Threads is a first-rate online tool for staying connected together with followers, but when evaluating it to Twitter, Threads does have certain limitations which can be worth bringing up.

Here, I'll highlight a few areas where this application could use some improvement:

  • Hashtags
  • Trends section
  • Direct Messages
  • Live Audio
  • Allowing Sign-Ups From Non-Instagram Users