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Download Instagram Videos & Photos

Instagram Downloader is one of the best downloader for Instagram tool (like snapinsta and igram io) that can download Instagram Videos, Photos, Reels, Audio, Stories, Highlights, Captions, Video Thumbnails, and IGTVs. It works on any platforms like iOS, Android, mac, Windows and any devices like mobile phones, Tablets and Computers, so you don't need to instagram downloader photo and video for PC.

Instagram Downloader

How to Save from Instagram?

Follow three simple steps to download anything and save from Instagram

As you know, it's not possible to download and save videos or images from Instagram, except for a few cases like images sent to you in Direct or those a user has given permission to download. Although this feature is relatively new and not yet available to everyone, even after downloading, you may notice that Instagram watermark, along with the user ID, is added to the content.

But here, you can easily download videos, photos, reels, captions, stories, highlights, audio, or even thumbnails from Instagram posts in just three simple steps ⚡️ for Instagram video download and Instagram reels download like using snapinsta and igram io.

Copy link of photo, video, reels, or IGTV from Instagram.

1. Copy the Link

Copy link of photo, video, reels, or anything from Instagram.

Paste the link into the field and click the Download Now button.

2. Paste the link

Paste the link into the field and click the Download Now button.

Quickly you will get the results. So you can save them!

3. Download

Quickly you will get the results. So you can save them!

IG Downloader Features

Get to know what Insta Downloader can do

Instagram Thumbnail Downloader

Instagram Thumbnail Downloader

We've seen many videos or reels with cover images that are not part of the video itself, the user has chosen them from their gallery. Some of these covers catch our attention; it could be a picture of the user, a beautiful image of nature, or anything else. In any case, we want to Download Instagram Thumbnail(Save Insta). 😋

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Instagram video downloader

Instagram Video Downloader

Are you still saving videos you like on your Instagram account? Do you know the user who posted it may delete it? In that case, you won't have access to that video anymore ☹️. You need to Instagram video downloader that allows you to download any type of Instagram video post such as single and multiple videos from Instagram.

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Instagram photo downloader

Instagram Photo Downloader

Every day, millions of users from around the world post stunning images on Instagram. These images could be of a scenic view or someone we admire, and we might want to download and save them in high quality. 📸 With Instagram Saver you can download Instagram single post image or multiple photos from an album.

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Instagram reels downloader

Instagram Reel Downloader

Did you like a reel on Instagram?
If you want to save it, just record from your screen! 🤓 I'm kidding. You can save your desired Instagram Reels with this tool only in seconds, without watermark in high quality.

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Instagram reels downloader

Instagram IGTV Downloader

Instagram may not provide an ideal space for viewing long videos. 😏 Nevertheless, a video might be important to you, even if you don't have the time to watch lengthy videos on Instagram. Download IGTV videos to make sure you can return to watch later when you have time or no network connection.

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Instagram story downloader

Instagram Story Downloader

You might want to use stories from famous individuals for content creation or save stories from regular [Public] profiles. Download Instagram Stories from any [Public] accounts, enabling you to relive special moments, gain creative inspiration, or curate a personal archive. 🤳🏻

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Instagram Highlight downloader

Instagram Highlight Downloader

On Instagram, Highlights are used to save important stories, making them more prominent. 💚 Usually, Highlights are considered more important than daily stories. If you want to download and save a story that has been highlighted, you can easily do so with the Instagram Highlight Downloader.

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Instagram Audio Downloader

Instagram Audio Downloader

Reel music can't be played due to recent licensing? Or reels audio not available in your country? Don't worry, you can get it easily! It doesn't matter where your location is; with this tool, you can download any Instagram video with audio/music. 🎵

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Instagram Caption downloader

Instagram Caption downloader

Have you ever wanted to save the caption of an Instagram post or use its hashtags? 💬 Yes, unfortunately, copying captions on Instagram is not possible, but we've solved this problem too! Get Caption from any kind of post, copy and reuse it.

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Provides information on frequent questions or concerns about this tool

What is an Instagram Downloader?
Instagram Downlaoder is an online tool that allows you to download Instagram photos, videos, reels, video audio/thumbnail, story, highlights, and IGTVs for Free and without the need to install any software.
Is Instagram Downloader free?
Of course! You can download Instagram videos, photos, thumbnails, reels, etc. completely for free.
Do I need to sign in with my Instagram account for downloading?
No, you don't need to log in to your account, this tool does not ask for any data from you, just paste Instagram Post Link and get downloaded content.
What devices are compatible with the Instagram Downloader?
The Instagram Downlaoder is compatible with any device with an installed browser. You can use this tool from any device, like a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or PC. Also, it’s run on all platforms such as Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.
Is using IG downloader legal?
Absolutely! This tool is 100% safe and legal. But the way you use this video matters. If it’s for your personal use, it’s OK. But you can't broadcast it for gaining income. Otherwise, you are to ask the author and mention him or her whenever you use this content. [Read Privacy]
Does Insta downloader work on private accounts?
No. Unfortunately, downloading videos from private accounts is impossible , you can save content only from public accounts.
How to Download Instagram Video or Photo online?
You can instagram download videos or photo with 3 simple steps:
1. Just copy an Instagram video or photo Link.
2. Open's IG Downloader and paste it into the placeholder, and press Download Now.
3. Pick any item like thumbnail, audio/music/sound, video or photo that you need and save them.
Where can I find all saved Instagram videos?
You can find all saved videos or photos in the Downloads folder on your PC [Windows, Mac]. The same is for phone storages [iOS, Android] and saved videos will appear in your Gallery immediately.
The usage of this tool is free and does not require any software or registration.
Updated on 26 April, 2024