Download is everything!

Online downloaders are widely used as many platforms lack a download button or, if available, might include watermarks. It's essential to note that downloading and using all videos is not always legal, so make sure to comply with copyright laws before use. Nowadays, social media platforms share interesting and up-to-date videos and images.

If you wish to use these innovations without saving them, it can be challenging. Therefore, the first solution that comes to mind is using online downloaders. We offer a collection of downloaders, currently supporting Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Each downloader has its pros and cons, but the common feature is the absence of limitations and complete free usage. Besides, the download speed of these tools is measured at less than 500ms, giving them an edge over competitors.

Instagram Downloader

☑️ Pros:
  • Ability to save HD images
  • Completely free and unlimited
  • Download stories, highlights, reels, and music videos
  • Retrieve captions
  • Download thumbnail images
❎ Cons:
  • Does not download DP images

Facebook Downloader

☑️ Pros:
  • Download Facebook videos
  • Save HD and SD videos
  • Get Video Thumbnail
  • Support for links
  • No limitations and completely free
❎ Cons:
  • Does not download stories

WhatsApp Downloader

☑️ Pros:
  • Download HD profile pictures from public accounts
  • No limitations and completely free
  • Identify account type (Profile - Business)
❎ Cons:
  • Does not download stories

As mentioned, each downloader has its advantages and disadvantages, but the most important feature they share is the absence of limitations and the opportunity for completely free use. Additionally, the download speed of these downloaders is less than 500ms, providing an advantage over competitors.


Are the downloaded images of high quality?
Yes, images and videos obtained through downloaders come directly from the platforms' servers, ensuring the highest possible quality.

Can I download from private profiles?
No, there is no way to download from private profiles.

Is downloading from these platforms legal?
Yes, downloading and saving videos pose no issue, but the usage of downloaded files depends on the content creator's laws and should be checked before use.

Do I need to pay a fee or register on the site for downloading?
No, there is no need to pay for using any of our tools. Site registration is entirely optional and provides additional features.