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Example: “Hello, I want more info about the product”.Messages on WhatsApp can be also formatted, learn more.

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Create WhatsApp link in seconds

Usually, to start a chat on WhatsApp, you need to know the person's phone number, save it on your phone and then search for it. But, with a Generated WhatsApp link, you can skip those steps and start a chat with just one click. This is called "click to chat" and it's really handy.

If you want to create a WhatsApp link for people to contact you quickly, you're in luck! You can use the WhatsApp Link Generator to create a link with the wa.me domain name for FREE. It's super easy and you don't even have to sign up.

How to Use

1. Simply choose the country code and enter phone number.
Then enter your desired prefilled message that you want give from your audience.

Choose the country code and phone number for whatsapp link

2. Copy generated whatsapp link by click on its icon or copy manually.
As you can see, you can test the link before sharing.

Copy or test generated link

3. Share it and bring your audience directly to your chat list.

Share the generated whatsapp link


Why Should Use WhatsApp Link?

With the WhatsApp Link Generator Tool, website owners and marketers can create a link that lets visitors start a WhatsApp chat with a specific phone number just by clicking on it. This is great for businesses and organizations because it makes it easier for people to get in touch with them.

Where Can I Use the generated Link?

By adding the generated WhatsApp link to your website, forms, or buttons, businesses can give your customers an easy and quick way to communicate with them. You can even customize the link with a pre-written message.

What is the custom message?

When a user clicks on your link and opens the chat, a default message will appear in their text input field. This makes it easier for them to start a conversation and also allows you to know where the user came from.

Does WhatsApp link work in my country?

Links generated by WhatsApp Link Generator will work in any country where WhatsApp is officially available.

Is WhatsApp Link Generator safe?

Yes, WhatsApp Link Generator is generally safe to use. It is a legitimate tool that is used by many businesses and individuals to generate links for easy and convenient communication through WhatsApp. [Read Privacy] Additionally, it is always a good idea to keep your personal information secure and not share it with unknown sources.